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Author Name: The Economist
One Of Two Scenarios Will Play Out If Republicans Win The Senate
Pragmatic, pro-business Republicans make a similar point about the House of Representatives, noting that moderate Republican ideas need Democratic votes to pass, since the GOP's "Hell No" wing reflexively opposes almost anything Mr Obama might sign. A Republican Congress could pass a few modest, incremental bills which Mr Obama might actually sign, but also send him several popular ones which he might veto. Heritage Action would like to see Republicans provide a "Bold contrast" to Mr Obama, and show they care about ordinary Americans and their stagnating incomes, rather than "The lobbying class in Washington, and the Chamber of Commerce". Some will assume that the best chance of a Republican victory in 2016 lies in proving that divided government does not work and in seeing Mr Obama hooted from office. A Republican Congress would hold the purse strings, and new federal appointees such as judges and central bankers would have to be approved by a Republican Senate. Either way, if Republicans win in November, Mr Obama will have to nominate judges, ambassadors and senior officials with bipartisan appeal if he wants them confirmed. Many Republicans will demand a show vote to repeal Obamacare, which Mr Obama would obviously veto. Mr Chen, the former Romney adviser, hopes that Republicans in Congress will put together a "Reasonable" alternative to that presidential order and send it to Mr Obama, forcing him to choose between a modest immigration reform now, or progressive perfection some day.

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