posted at 19:50
Author: Sam Laird
Oscar Taveras, Rising MLB Star, Dies in Car Crash at Age 22
SAN FRANCISCO - Had his St. Louis Cardinals beat the San Francisco Giants in the National League Championship Series, instead of lost four games to one, 22-year-old Oscar Taveras could have been playing in the World Series this weekend. The Cardinals didn't win that round, and the Giants are in the World Series, and so Taveras had returned home to his native Dominican Republic. in a surreal and tragic twist - the news didn't break until Sunday night, just as the Giants and Kansas City Royals had begun to play Game 5 of the World Series that Taveras himself so easily could have been in. Two weeks ago Sunday, on Oct. 12, Taveras flashed his tantalizing potential in Game 2 of the Cardinals' series against the Giants. As news of Taveras' death slowly moved along press row at AT&T Park here during the early innings of Game 5 on Sunday evening, writers and reporters spoke softly to one another and tweeted condolences and links to breaking news posts. In the stands, thousands of fans, many of which likely had no idea of Taveras' passing. The day after he hit his pinch-hit home run against the Giants two weeks ago, Taveras posted this message to Twitter. At the time, Cardinals fans and baseball aficionados expected many more magic moments from Taveras yet to come.

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