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Author Name: Susan Njanji
Pistorius to learn sentence for killing girlfriend
Pistorius claims he shot Steenkamp, a 29-year-old law graduate and model, four times through a locked bathroom door at his upmarket Pretoria home after he mistakenly believed she was an intruder. His lawyers, arguing that Pistorius would be more vulnerable than most in prison because of his disability, have called for three years of "Correctional supervision", the equivalent of house arrest for the 27-year-old. They vowed to stand by Pistorius as he faces his punishment and said the family had struggled to cope with the death of Steenkamp, of whom they had become fond in the few months the couple were together. Pistorius would at times weep and vomit during the high-profile trial, large chunks of which were broadcast live around the world, including on a specially-created 24-hour television channel. Even if Pistorius does not spend any time behind bars, Booth said he would not be getting off "Scot free" as "Correctional supervision is recognised as a fairly severe sentence". Despite being unpalatable to many South Africans, a house arrest sentence would be fitting for Pistorius, said Kelly Phelps, a law lecturer at the University of Cape Town. Defence lawyer Barry Roux said the "Broken" Pistorius was an ideal candidate for a non-custodial sentence given his remorse, his status as a first-time offender and the fact that he would be an easy target in South Africa's notoriously brutal jails. Whatever the outcome, Pistorius has lost his glittering sports career, lucrative contracts and - above all - his hero status, tarnished forever.

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