posted at 03:51
Author: Sandra Gonzalez
Rick Grimes kept his promise on The Walking Dead, and it was awesome
Rick Grimes is a man of his word, and cannibal leader Gareth learned that on the latest episode of The Walking Dead, which saw the little twerp say hello to the sharp end of Rick's red handled machete. In the big death scene, Gareth and his hungry goons descended upon the church, where earlier they'd dropped poor distressed Bob on the doorstep. Gareth led the charge, walking through the church while spewing cocky threats. After Rick shot the gun out of Gareth's hand and got him on knees, Gareth knew it over. Rick declined to take Gareth's word and instead made good on his word from the premiere and chopped Gareth's head off. To be honest, I thought Gareth was going to last a little longer than he did, but the powers that be apparently have other ideas. At least Bob died knowing Gareth and the rest of the cannibals would not take a bite out of any of his friends - or anyone else, for that matter. Elsewhere, the gang lost a few members as Glenn and Maggie took off with Abraham to try to get Eugene to Washington D.C. And though Abraham sort of strong-armed the married couple into the deal - he had threatened to leave earlier, which would have been a major determent in the fight against Gareth and Co. - he made peace with Rick in the end, with an invite.

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