posted at 03:00
Author: Christopher Miller
Russian action star in hot water after eastern Ukraine shooting
DONETSK, Ukraine - A Russian action film star is in hot water after he was caught on film wearing press gear while firing a machine gun toward Ukrainian lines with Moscow-backed rebels at Donetsk airport. In the video released by the rebels' NovorossiaTV on Oct. 30, the barrel-chested Mikhail Porechenkov is heard saying, "Ceasefire," before opens fire with a mounted machine gun at the airport, grinning widely. "For the fighters at combat positions at the airport, this visit was a big surprise and definitely an enjoyable event," reads the Russian text in the video's description. Porechenkov's visit to war-torn Donetsk is merely the latest by a high-profile Russian star. Fighting began at the Donetsk Airport in late May after pro-Russian rebels stormed the buildings. Skirmishes at the airport resumed in late September, despite a cease-fire agreement reached in early September after peace talks in Minsk. The rebels have captured and now control much of the airport's grounds and terminals. Stubborn Ukrainian fighters, referred to as "Cyborgs" for their superhuman-seeming abilities to hold on to their portion of the airfield despite round-the-clock bombardments of machine gun and rocket fire, have not retreated from the airport.

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