posted at 18:50
Author: Rex Santus
Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3 phones try to capture young peoples attention
Smartphones are ever-slimming, and Samsung's just-announced Galaxy A5 and A3 models are another indication of the trend. Of course, that's nowhere near where some smartphone designers are going, but for a mainstream audience that's pretty slender. According to CNET, Samsung is struggling in the smartphone business as of late. It seems like the latest Galaxy A5 and A3 models could be a sign that Samsung has been doing some thinking for a while now. In a news release, Samsung highlighted that these phones were built with young people and social media in mind. The metal-framed phones have AMOLED displays and 1.2 GHz Quad Core processors. They also have front-facing cameras for the best selfie-taking possible, and there's a GIF-animating tool. If that doesn't make it clear that Samsung's trying to make the new Galaxy phones as "Cool" as possible, nothing else will.

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