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Author Name: Nicholas Carlson
Steve Jobss Signature Design Style
Basically, remember how the Notes app on the iPhone used to look like a yellow legal pad or how the iBooks application on the iPad used to look like it was a real bookshelf, made out of wood? The first piece of Apple software to demonstrate skeuomorphism was, arguably, the original Mac desktop operating system with its icons that looked like folders, disks, and trash cans. The original Mac OS also came with a calculator application that looked very much like a real-life calculator. The app's look featured gradients, shadows, and even little divots in the metal. The brushed-metal look was a serious departure for Apple design. "Don't use the brushed metal look indiscriminately," the company warned in online developer guidelines. Look at all that metal! It's like a bomb went off in a Breitling factory. AppleAt one point, the brushed metal look almost took over Mac OS X. Do you know fun stories from Apple's past? Want to share them? Email me.

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