posted at 02:50
Author Name: James Cook
Team Of Googles New European VC fund
The members of Google's new European VC fund were gathered in one place for the first time Monday morning at TechCrunch's Disrupt Europe conference. Vidra is best known as the former head of Google's London Campus, a workspace for early-stage tech startups. On stage at Disrupt, he explained that the Google Ventures fund is looking to "Do something different in Europe," remarking that "There's a lot to learn from our colleagues in the US.". Interestingly, Vidra explained the unorthodox way that Google Ventures is being contacted by companies. Former TechCrunch writer MG Siegler joins Google's new European team after working for their US venture capital fund. On stage at Disrupt, he explained that he joined Google Ventures in order to gain a "Much bigger check book" to play with. As well as a design director at IDEO London, the legendary design company, Hulme is now a partner at Google Ventures Europe. He went on to mention that the morning after the announcement came that he was joining Google Ventures, he woke up to 700 emails.

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