posted at 22:00
Author: Sandra Gonzalez
The big twist we didnt see coming on Once Upon a Time
The rest of the episode, titled "Breaking Glass," revolved around Regina and Emma trying to work together and work through their problems as Elsa searched for Anna. When Emma spots one of her talking to the Snow Queen, she immediately runs off to question Regina. Once there, Elsa insists on staying in the car so Emma and Regina can talk about things alone. Every time Emma and Regina interact in this episode, it's basically Emma trying to fix things and Regina completely shutting her down. Toward the end of the episode, Emma comes to Regina again to try to convince her that they should fix things. Lily betrayed Emma and Emma was never able to forgive her. "I'm not going to stop trying, even if you still want to kill me." But instead of a snarky comeback, Regina just says, "Emma, wait. I don't want to kill you." And that, kids, is the story of how Regina and Emma became friends. How long were they together and what was their relationship like? We'll have to wait and see, but at least we know that Emma's memories were wiped sometime in season one's timeframe - that's when Regina had Sidney snapping photos of her, at least.

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