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Author Name: Lara O'Reilly
The Most Important Stories In Advertising Today October 30
Apple is growing into an e-commerce beast for advertisers. Here are all the rude words UK advertisers are allowed to use. This is how Fireball became the most successful liquor brand in decades. Check out these eight insane vintage health ads that make sugar seem like a health food. Brands are wasting their effort getting fans to like them on social media when there are for more effective ways to create sales and meet business objectives, Marketing Week claims in this long-read. New research from Twitter and digital agency Isobar found that higher levels of "Likeability" on social media do not lead to higher levels of purchase consideration. The study claims just 12% of marketers are at the top of their game. Lysol bought the top Google search ads for the word "Ebola," and then changed its mind. Vice's tech site Motherboard reported the search ad for the disinfectant brand read: "What Is Ebola - Learn the Facts About Ebola Virus From Lysol. Find More Info Now," but the Reckitt Benckiser brand appears to have pulled the campaign.

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