posted at 22:00
Author: Sandra Gonzalez
The Three Singers Who Rocked the Final Week of Battles on The Voice
Whenever a coach chooses a belty, stylized song for a duo, I get worried. Blessing Offor vs. Katriz Trinidad. On Monday's show, Pharrell chose Stevie Wonder's "Do I Do" for this battle, a song that seemed to be in Blessing's repertoire already. Katriz, on the other hand, is a 15-year-old powerhouse diva who was a little nervous about this song choice. The coaches complimented both contestants for their performance, restating that the song was better suited for Blessing, yet Katriz truly stepped up to the plate. Pharrell ultimately went with Katriz, and both Adam and Gwen hit the steal button. To no one's surprise, Blessing chooses Team Adam. After the song finished Adam said that doing a Beyonce song is like "Slaying a dragon." Ladies: 1, Dragon: 0. For Pharrell, DaNica was the standout because her voice is so unexpected and because she truly "Shed her skin" during the song.

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