posted at 01:50
Author: Chris O'Brien
Tue, 21 Oct 2014 08:17:11 +0000
Tim Cook not worried about China slowdown, says Apple is "investing like crazy"
Yesterday, the company said that revenue from "Greater China," a category that includes Taiwan and mainland China, grew only 1% from the same quarter a year ago. In a conference call with analysts yesterday, Apple chief executive Tim Cook said he remained confident that the company was on the right track in China. The partnership put Apple's iPhones on China Mobile's 4G network, which the company is in the process of building out. The bigger issue, Cook said, was the obvious one: Last year, Apple rolled out the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in China during September, putting sales in the fourth quarter of 2013. As for the iPad in China? "iPad concreted some during the quarter," Cook said. Going forward, Apple is still ramping up its investment in China. The company plans to grow from 15 Apple stores to 40 in China over the next couple of years. The reach of its online store now covers 315 cities in China, and developers in China have created 150,000 apps on the App Store.

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