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Author: Claire Trageser
to travel for running races
Many runners have two approaches to competing in a foreign land: They either try to replicate their conditions at home as closely as possible, or they say screw it and run the race for fun, using traveling as an excuse for poor performance. Runner Stephanie Donohue traveled to Chicago for the Warrior Dash, but stayed with friends who didn't live near the race. When Daly traveled to London, his apartment was "Right in the heart of things," but he had to take the train to the race start. Runner Abigail Lesneski always brings her own pillow when she travels for races. Marathoner Lauren McNiff says she puts her shoes, race outfit, and whatever she needs during the race in a carry on bag when she's flying. Find the race start in advance, and make sure you know how to get from where you're staying to the starting line, recommends Anselmo. Despite the extra planning and uncertainty, all of these runners recommend traveling for races. Races usually showcase the highlights of the city, giving runners an up-close look they might not otherwise get.

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