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Author: debrasharp
Tue, 21 Oct 2014 08:00:18 +0000
Twine Healths results with hypertension patients will blow you away
Skeptics of patient empowerment would be advised to tune into the real-time dashboard of Twine Health, which will be demonstrated for the first time publicly at HealthBeat, October 27-28. It's based on a coaching model that sees the patient as apprentice in their own health care. The Twine approach was tested in a six-month randomized control trial, which compared the progress of patients who only see only their providers in office visits, with those using Twine Health. In the office-visit group, 30 percent of patients reached their blood pressure goal at a cost of approximately $250 per patient per year. In the Twine Health group, 100 percent of patients reached their blood pressure goal at a cost of about $75 per patient per year. At HealthBeat, Moore will be sharing a live dashboard showing aggregated statistics such as how many patients are using the platform, patients' progress toward their targets, and how much clinical time is being spent. By publishing results live to the web, exposing Twine Health's advances and even its mistakes Moore sees the value in inviting the community to comment to continually get better at empowering patients in their care. Over six years there, Moore and his team did research using the platform with HIV, diabetes, and hypertension patients.

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