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Two cured in US, Spain, as Ebola crisis widens
In West Africa, medical charity MSF, at the forefront of the Ebola fight, announced Tuesday it had saved a 1,000th patient from the deadly virus. The epidemic, which is proving fatal in 70 percent of cases, is already the worst Ebola outbreak in history. The World Health Organization said Tuesday it would probe complaints that it had been slow to wake up to the scale of Ebola, but insisted the focus now must be on battling the epidemic. One Liberian with Ebola arrived in Dallas, Texas and infected at least two US health workers before dying, piling pressure on President Barack Obama's government to impose a flight ban. There are no direct scheduled flights to the United States from the three countries at the heart of the Ebola epidemic, but travelers from the region can transfer through African and European hubs. Obama has urged against Ebola "Hysteria" and cited experts saying a travel ban would be counterproductive. Eight people including Mukpo have or are being treated for Ebola in the United States, one of whom, a man from Liberia, has died. In Spain, the nurse who was the first person to catch Ebola outside Africa has also been cured, doctors said Tuesday.

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