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Author Name: Brett LoGiurato
US Re-Arms Kurds In Kobani Against ISIS
A senior Iraqi Kurdish official said on Tuesday that Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government had provided military assistance to Syrian Kurdish forces battling Islamic State fighters in the town of Kobani. In a move with potentially significant diplomatic and military implications, the US military airdropped weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies to Kurdish forces fighting the extremist group ISIS in the crucial Syrian border town of Kobani. Senior Obama administration officials said Sunday night that the airdrops were intended to help enable the Kurdish forces, who were running low on supplies, continue their fight against ISIS. ISIS, which is also known as ISIL or the Islamic State, has shifted significant resources toward Kobani in an attempt to take full control of the town on the Syria-Turkey border, US officials said. "ISIS decided Kobani was important to them. This provided us with an opportunity," the official said. "We know we've killed hundreds. And that's just around Kobani," one US official said. Still, US officials stressed the situation in Kobani was still "Fragile" and that the town could still fall to ISIS. "ISIL is going to suffer significant losses for its focus on Kobani," one official said.

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