posted at 02:51
Author: ClickZ
What Googles new Inbox app means for email marketers
What is your impression of inbox? Major game changer to all who use and love email or cute enhancements that won't change many things on marketing or consumer side? Third, Inbox redefines snippet text with Highlights, which can show you text, images, and attachments from the email - as well as information not included in the email. Email through Inbox has now started to move beyond what we have as an archetype into a migration into the application of apps to email. I think Inbox would be really easy if you were starting on a pristine inbox, but mine with its tons of emails in each tab has me on edge as a radical change. That's because Bundles, just like Tabs, makes it easier for email users to ignore emails that are unimportant to them and to pay more attention to the emails that are important to them. One thing I did notice is that one usability enhancement the Gmail team made is that the rest of the Bundle/Inbox remains visible after clicking on an email message to open and read. Hitting the Escape key collapses the email message you opened, thus making it much easier to skim through any given email. The email marketer and the executives that support them must face the music that email costs more than a pure CPM and that an investment in data will pay off. In the second part, I will share advice from these battle-tested email veterans and ask them where the next email innovation is coming from.

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