posted at 02:00
Author: Jenni Ryall
What you need to know about the government getting your metadata
First the government changed the law to allow Australian spies monitor the entire internet, they then introduced legislation which allows the government to easily cancel passports and restrict areas of travel for Australians. On Thursday, the government hastily introduced the third in the set of anti-terror legislation, a data retention bill, which will ensure everyone's metadata is retained for two years by service providers. Metadata has not been defined by the government in the bill, but it states it will exclude content of calls or emails, web browsing history and URLs. The government says it will provide some funds to help, but the amount is yet to be decided. Without any public discourse, the government has decided it wants to access your metadata at any time without any kind of oversight. "The haste with which the government is rushing through its three tranches of counter-terror measures is wrong. It is clear that all three Bills have been woefully drafted and contain appalling examples of overreach by government agencies into the lives of every Australia at the cost of freedoms that are part of the fabric of a healthy, functioning democracy," the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance Federal Secretary Chris Warren warned. Oh, the joys of the government trying to catch up with the Internet. Even if your accounts are set to private, it is still possible for the government to get access to the information.

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