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Author: Jenni Ryall
Why Australians cackle in the face of Halloween
Those two British forces, it turns out, have actually shaped much of the world's Halloween customs today. The Post states that as Australia was being colonised by the Brits, a Victorian backlash against Halloween was going on and they brought the Halloween hating all the way Down Under. Although the popularity of the spooky day is growing year on year, the reasons for shunning the tradition are diverse and non-sensical, but generally relate to the fact Australia is Australia. Although many people know Halloween has Celtic traditions, the new interest in the old tradition appears to directly relate to American movies and TV shows. Stranger danger is also a massive concern in Australia for parents which is made worse by many not even knowing who shares a common wall with them. As Halloween falls in spring in Australia, the vegetable of the moment is out of season. There are also the pro-spook arguments, saying the interest in Halloween and ringing random doorbells is a good thing for society. That's all well and good, if your neighbour actually opens the door and doesn't throw something at your head. Be warned, although Halloween is getting more popular, there are still a lot of haters lurking in houses across Australia.

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