posted at 17:50
Author: Max Knoblauch
Woman Fools Titillated Redditors With Picture of Her Husbands Butt
Be warned: There's going to be a picture of a butt in this story. On Monday, Redditor poshpink330 submitted an image to the r/GoneWild subreddit, a community in which users "Exchange their nude bodies for karma; showing it off in a comfortable environment without pressure." The image, which at first glance appears to be of breasts, received 60 upvotes and caused 51 users to initiate private message conversations with poshpink330. About a day later, poshpink330 revealed in a follow-up post that the picture was not of breasts, and was her husband's butt. "My husband was flashing me his butt and his underwear looked like a bandeau I had to snap a pic," poshpink330 commented in the later post. "My husband insists that if he saw that picture, even he would think that it was a set of breasts." The user later uploaded several screenshots of private messages her husband's butt had garnered. The Internet: Apparently a place where people lie now.

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