posted at 07:51
Author: Kristen Kampetis
10 job openings at top companies: New York Times, the Grammys and more
Your job, as a product manager, is to help our team identify the right problems, ask the right questions, and arrive at the right solutions. Discovery Digital Media is looking for an experienced Sr. Product Manager to serve as the "Product Owner" for our video products across our owned and operated Websites. The Sr. Product Manager will work in an Agile/Scrum environment and will be responsible for managing the prioritization of work to maximize the benefit to users and the business, authoring user stories, analyzing the competition, creating prototypes, running A/B tests, collaborating with specialists and stakeholders and evangelizing for a user-centric product. We are looking to grow the NYTimes mobile team to help bring our award-winning journalism to new platforms and technologies. As a software engineer on the iOS team responsible for our native iPhone and iPad apps, you'll be responsible for pushing the envelope of technical innovation within our mobile products, and take a leading role in helping to shape the future of The New York Times. Be a part of the same team that was onstage at the Apple iPad product announcement keynote, blazing a trail within the mobile media ecosystem. The Recording Academy is looking for a Social Media Coordinator to join the Marketing Communications team. Our mobile apps teams listen to our customers and give them the features that they want and use.

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