posted at 22:50
Author: Amanda Dixon
10 print magazines you didnt know existed
You've heard of Esquire, Marie Claire and Vogue, magazines with thousands of readers and subscribers. Founded by Deaditor-in-Chief Robert Steven Rhine, the magazine describes itself as a mash-up between Maxim and Dawn of the Dead. It caters to fans of music, comics and attractive women, releasing 33,000 issues on a quarterly basis to its readers and subscribers. Twice a year, Private Islands Magazine publishes an issue with at least 112 pages and gives a celebrity guest editor the chance to add his or her insight into the benefits of purchasing or renting your very own island. Six times a year, the magazine releases new forecasts, feature stories and astrological data for students and industry professionals. Modern Farmer One of the newest print magazines, Modern Farmer has quickly become a success. As its title suggests, the quarterly magazine's articles are written for anyone interested in the movement towards greater awareness about how food is produced. The magazine compiles news and information for hobbyists across the globe at all experience levels. The quarterly magazine is the go-to publication about caring for miniature donkeys, choosing the appropriate type of hay and finding all the products that meet the needs of owners.

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