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Author Name: Mike Bird
10 Things You Need To Know Before European Markets Open
REUTERS/Tyrone SiuA police officer hits a protestor with a baton as major pro-democracy protests hit Hong Kong again. On Sunday night, gold was down more than 4% to as low as $1,143 an ounce after voters in Switzerland on Sunday rejected a measure that would have required the Swiss National Bank to increase its gold reserves from 8% to 20% of its holdings. Chinese manufacturing disappointed again in November. Hundreds of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists scuffled with police on Sunday as they tried to encircle government headquarters, defying orders for protesters to retreat after more than two months of demonstrations. China's housing prices fell on a monthly basis for the seventh straight month in November, a survey showed Sunday, with the market yet to feel the full impact of an interest rate cut. UK chancellor George Osborne announced a £2 billion increase in healthcare spending on Sunday, seeking to counter political attacks on his Conservative party's handling of the health service six months before an election. Japan's Nikkei rose 0.75%, but Hong Kong's Hang Seng is down 2.13% currently, after protests erupted again. Eurozone finance ministers will discuss in early December conditions for providing Greece with credit when its current aid program expires, German Finance Minster Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Sunday.

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