posted at 21:50
Author: Jenni Ryall
10 travel destinations Australians will flock to in 2015
Australians are obsessed with travel and these days it is rare to meet anyone who has not left the country for a sneaky trip. In the financial year ending June 2014, more than 9 million Australians travelled abroad, with another 383,000 planning on starting a new life elsewhere, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics information. Australians get a bad rap for causing havoc as backpackers across the world with their boozing culture and good-time attitude. According to a new analysis by Skyscanner, The Future Laboratory and Trendhunter, next year Australians are going to break free of the mould and push into new destinations. The only European destination to make the list, it would seem Australians are over the culture continent. In an interesting show of television influencing real life, Australians have been frantically looking up flights to Iceland off the back of it being the setting for multiple Game of Thrones episodes. Brazil saw a 45% search increase from Australians wanting to drink Caipirinhas and Samba the night away. Seoul is seeing its popularity soar as a tourist magnet for Australians.

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