posted at 22:00
Author: Sandra Gonzalez
16 shows to catch up on during your long weekend
Finding a TV show to marathon is not a difficult task by any means, but the problem with the lists upon lists that purport to aid you in the discovery of a series worth binge-watching is that they aren't exactly useful when your free time consists of only a few days. Thus, as Thanksgiving approaches - and, if you have an especially thanks-worthy life, a four-day weekend - Mashable has culled a list that won't tell you to marathon The West Wing or Breaking Bad while drifting in and out of your turkey coma. 1) You can realistically finish the shows we chose in one long weekend, with our suggested mini-marathons spanning anywhere from five to 18 hours. 2) these series are still on the air, so if you like it, there's more to consume in the future. Bonus: Some of these are even fine to watch with the entire family, so you won't have to spend all weekend watching House Hunters because it's the only thing you can agree on.

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