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Author: Jessica Plautz
17 tips for surviving Thanksgiving travel
Double check you've packed the correct charging cables somewhere easy to reach and download travel apps to your smartphone to help you stay informed while you're on the road. If you're flying .... Make sure you check in online 24 hours before your scheduled departure and secure your seat and pay any fees that will be higher at the airport. After you check in, check your boarding pass for "TSA PRE," which means you have been selected to skip the longer security lines and go to Pre-Check. Check traffic to make sure you'll have enough time to arrive at least two hours before your flight, and check your terminal and gate number more than once in case it changes. Travelocity recommends checking your airline's website or mobile app if you encounter a significant delay. Check for announcements about flexible travel, since airlines often announce they will waive the fee for changing your ticket when there are problems like terrible weather. While you're checking the airline online, get in line at the airport to talk to an agent and ask about available airport hotels. According to Google, the biggest traffic spikes in the U.S. last year were in Austin, Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. If traffic is likely to affect your route, check conditions before you leave and on the road with Google Maps or Waze.

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