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Author: Chris Wild
1959: Sevilles extraordinary Holy Week festival, celebrated since 1350 A.D.
Since the 14th century, the festival of Semana Santa is celebrated across Spain. Brotherhoods from Seville's many churches promenade through the streets to the cathedral. Some are dressed in the striking robes of medieval penitents, or nazarenos, wearing tunics, cloaks and conical hats, called capirotes. Built into the capirote is a cloth mask, which allows the sinner to repent while maintaining his anonymity. In the wake of the penitents follow exceptionally heavy floats, carried aloft by groups of strong men. These floats support original 17th century life-sized effigies of the Virgin Mary and Christ on the cross. The men bearing the elaborate floats are rendered invisible, hidden away underneath. The Thursday night procession occurs at night and is lit by candles.

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