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Author Name: Julie Bort
21-Year-Old Helped Fund 30 Startups
The Thiel Fellowship is a startup accelerator program founded by billionaire investor Peter Thiel that encourages brilliant kids to leave school and launch tech businesses instead. But Hamed finished his computer science degree at Harvard before he did the Thiel Fellowship, graduating high school at age 17 and breezing through Harvard in three and a half years. Today, at the ripe age of 21, his NYC-based startup Bowery just landed its first venture investment $1.5 million from Google Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, and others. Hamed launched Bowery with two young co-founders David Byrd also 21, previously an intern at Medium, and Steve Kaliski, 24, a former engineer at Palantir via Palantir's acquisition of Poptip. Word on the street is that Bowery is on track to become "Another Docker," meaning a fast-growing startup that software developers love and bring into work. Boyce was setting up a venture capital fund for Harvard students called Rough Draft Ventures, an offshoot of venture firm General Catalyst Partners. Hamed learned a lot about the venture world, which came in handy when raising a round for Bowery. Rough Draft Ventures is still going strong today, with Boyce still involved and a new crop of students leading it. While in San Francisco working at Jawbone, Hamed met his co-founders and the three of them wanted to make all engineers into 10x-ers.

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