posted at 03:50
Author: Yohana Desta
3 career experts share the keywords that stand out on a cover letter
We spoke to three career experts and rounded up their favorite keywords everyone should put on his or her cover letter. Aside from including important keywords, LinkedIn's career expert Nicole Williams recommends focusing on the craft of the first, second and third sentence. When directly talking about the employer, Williams says these key words are great: admire, inspired by and listen. When describing yourself, Williams recommends: enthusiastic, passionate and integrity. Javid Muhammedali, the vice president of product management at Monster, tells Mashable that keywords change depending on the job you're applying for. For a general cover letter, he said these following words connote key skills that work for "All resumes with 0-4 years of experience." "Highlight the skills and experiences they need by referencing the job description and inserting the exact words into your letter," she tells Mashable. "If they're hiring a valuation manager with experience in calculating intangible assets, ensure you put 'intangible assets.'".

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