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Author: ClickZ
5 things digital marketers should know about user experience
In my work as a user experience designer, we often work closely with digital marketers. There is a fundamental difference between digital marketing and user experience, and it really boils down to this: Marketing is about making people want things. At the same time, user experience designers often work in close proximity with digital marketing teams, and are often responsible for some of the optimization that happens with campaigns. Inevitably in the course of doing this, user experience designers will start to challenge some of the assumptions of the product, based on their proximity to the users of it. Only relatively recently have we begun to address this, with concepts such as cross-channel experiences, or even omni-channel experiences. 4: User experience uses multiple research approaches. User experience will subsume much of what currently counts as digital marketing. About understanding people and the role that technology should have in their lives, and what types of lives it might help people to lead. What do you think? Is there a natural role for user experience designers in digital marketing, or is user experience simply digital marketing "Done well"?

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