posted at 15:51
Author: Eli Epstein
6 smart productivity strategies for business travelers
Just because business travelers are out of office, doesn't mean they're not at work. According to Expedia, 39% of business travelers say they spend more time working on the road than they do in the office. Check out these unconventional ways to keep your devices powered up as you work through your business itinerary. Camped out at an airport service counter, hunkered down in a booth at a restaurant, stuffed into a train cabin - these are just a few of the many makeshift office environments business travelers find themselves working in. The device's built-in adapter works in 150 countries. Synchronize all of your devices so you can work wherever you are, even offline. The cloud-based storage service and productivity center allows travelers to work in transit on their iPhone to send documents, PDFs and presentations from their phone to an Apple computer or PC, which makes accessing your work in your hotel room seamless. If you're a regular business traveler with a heavy week of work ahead, try briefly de-emphasizing your work during a short flight so you can concentrate on a brain game.

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