posted at 17:50
Author: Jenni Ryall
6 years, 1 inspiring video: Amputee learns to run again, becomes world champ
This inspiring video of an Australian paralympian learning to run proves what you can achieve in six years of hard work. From a hobble in 2008 through to a sprint in 2012, this video shows the impressive journey of 24-year-old Scott Reardon. Reardon grew up on a property in the New South Wales country town of Temora. Reardon's story proves that if you are focussed on achieving something, nothing can hold you back. Reardon amazed doctors by learning to walk in a week. In 2012, he achieved that dream by winning silver in the 100m T42 at the London Paralympic Games. "People always see the polished end product when we compete at the Paralympic Games but they don't realise the process to get from a nothing athlete, which is what I was, to a world-class athlete," Reardon told "It's nice to show people that and to show the world that Paralympians aren't just people with disabilities. We're athletes who work really hard at what we do."

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