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Author Name: Business Insider
7 Things That Are Consistently Overpriced
The candle in the below picture is an 11-ounce, $60 scented candle from Tory Burch. I'd rather ... wait for the inevitable scented candle gift from someone I don't know all that well. I'd rather ... go to IKEA, for the cheapest picture frames I've found yet. I'd rather ... wait for a 25% off sale with free shipping, or take a trip over to Target's delightfully priced homewares department. I'd rather ... go to Michael's, where I've found reasonably priced, reasonably charming baskets in the past. I'd rather ... stick around Target for another half an hour. I'd rather ... wait for clearance or a major promotion. I'd rather ... go to CVS and buy a six-month supply for $5. Guests: It's not decorative.

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