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Author Name: Karyne Levy
8-Bit Video Game Music
Red Bull Academy's documentary series "Diggin' in the Carts" digs deep into the history of Japanese video game music. The first episode, called "The Rise of Video Game Music," takes a look at some of the industry's early pioneers. Music in games was used pretty sparingly. In 1980, Namco released "Rally-X," which became the first game to feature continuous melodic music in the background, according to GamesRadar. So game companies turned to composers to help create music for these games. Composers played music on keyboards and then wrote the score. "First, they'd play the music as they composed, and then write the score," says Hiroshi Okubo, who heads the sound team at Bandai Namco Studios. Her music can be heard in various games, such as "Tower of Druaga" and "R.B.I Baseball 2.".

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