posted at 04:50
Author: Jillian Kumagai
8 fundamental Internet lessons to teach your kids
According to Amy Morin,'s child discipline expert and author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do, these lessons should start "Right from the get-go." "The overall lesson is that the Internet can be a wonderful tool and doesn't necessarily have to be dangerous, but that bad things can happen," Morin says. The most important lesson, Morin says, is that kids "Don't have to please everybody, that when they get approached by a predator or a friend is peer pressuring them into something, they should know they don't have to do that." "Kids work hard to cover their tracks," Morin says. While some kids below 13 may be mature enough to join these websites, Morin says, "Plenty of them aren't prepared to handle it. They're impulsive, so they're much more apt to saying inappropriate things." On content sites such as YouTube, Morin recommends that parents set specific guidelines based on what their child enjoys. "If you've got a child that likes One Direction, [tell her] you can look up One Direction videos," Morin says. Morin recommends letting your kids have online freedom gradually.

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