posted at 17:00
Author: Jenni Ryall
Abbott disappoints the world, doesnt shirt-front Putin
The moment Prime Minister Tony Abbott got so close to Putin he could finally put his words into action and "Shirt-front" the Russian president over the shooting down of MH17. We all watched on in anticipation. Abbott and Putin were facing off on the sideline of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit on Tuesday in Beijing, China. "I am going to shirt-front Mr. Putin, you bet I am," Abbott had said in October. "I'm going to be saying to Mr. Putin, Australians were murdered, they were murdered by Russian-backed rebels using Russian-supplied equipment." So what went down? Why didn't Abbott use a hard-core Australian Rules football maneuver to show Putin what he really thought about the MH17 tragedy, the murdering of innocent Australians and Russia's apparent involvement? Abbott's office said the Prime Minister cited the Iranian passenger plane shot down by the U.S. Navy in 1988. He commended the precedent the U.S. had set as they "Apologised and made appropriate restitution." He hinted that Putin should do the same. "The prime minister and President Putin agreed that all relevant information should be provided to the independent investigation and that the investigation should proceed with the full support of the international community."

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