posted at 22:50
Author: Dean Takahashi
Mon, 03 Nov 2014 06:00:43 +0000
Appnext releases its self-serve mobile advertising platform with cost controls
Appnext is releasing its self-server advertising platform that makes it easier for mobile app and game developers to reach the right customers at the lowest costs. The platform offers cost-per-install bidding, allowing app advertisers to place direct bids on specific publisher sources. "We created a nice community of developers and are really happy about that. We had feedback that developers were promoting apps on other platforms, but they were getting the same recommendations for five or ten apps." "They can run campaigns and pay only for users who install their apps." They can use Appnext's campaigns to reach more than 230 million users. About 150 advertisers have set up campaigns for their apps. "In what has become a highly competitive environment for apps, acquisition is an exact science these days. Appnext's self-serve platform is a game changer with the control and CPI bidding capability it provides app advertisers," said Elliot Hool, vice president of marketing at Fabula Gaming, in a statement. Appnext tries to give its app developers more control over where their ads will appear in terms of publisher, country, ad size, type of ad, and other factors. Appnext serves 5 billion app requests per month, and it recommends relevant apps to hundreds of millions of users.

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