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Author: Todd Wasserman
Are you stuck in a political bubble? This site aims to help
While many online publishers live and die by page views and uniques, John McIntyre says he has no idea how many people are visiting his RealClear network of sites each month. For co-founder McIntyre, a better metric is "Core traffic growth," the people who are going to the sites every day. When asked about RealClear's mobile strategy, McIntyre confessed that he was still working it out. RealClear started when McIntyre was a trader on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Although the popular image of the profession conjures visions of traders running around and gesturing frantically, McIntyre said there are also "Large periods of time where you're just staring at screens, and nothing's happening." Inspired by the sudden plethora of free news, McIntyre and partner Tom Bevan started RealClearPolitics in 2000, and also ran RealClearMarkets. While the lack of a mobile strategy is clearly vexing to McIntyre, it may not be as important to RealClear as some other sites, since its audience is older and more affluent than, say, BuzzFeed or Tumblr. As McIntyre's focus on core audience growth illustrates, RealClear is also less dependent on social media referrals.

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