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Australian mother charged after baby survives five days in drain
After several people lifted a heavy concrete slab, the baby boy - wrapped in a striped hospital blanket with his umbilical cord cut and clamped - was found at the bottom. "A woman has been charged with attempted murder after a newborn baby was found in a drain in Sydney's west on Sunday," police said in a statement. "Police will allege the baby, believed to have been born on Monday, was placed into the drain on Tuesday, November 18.". Court documents claim the woman admitted to police she dumped her baby in the drain, knowing it could kill him, the Sydney Morning Herald reported, adding that the woman had been verbally abused by members of the public on her way into court. "We all thought the worst but the baby was still alive." Cyclist David Otte, one of those who found the baby while out riding with his daughter, said it was an "Intense" experience. "You couldn't tell it was a baby. We couldn't see it but we could hear it. It was distressed," he told Fairfax Radio. Police doubt the baby would have survived much longer as temperatures in Sydney's northwest reached 40 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

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