posted at 19:50
Author Name: Hunter Walker
Barack Obama Speech After Ferguson Verdict
In his remarks, which were announced just a few minutes before they occurred, Obama encouraged those who might protest the verdict to do so peacefully. "We need to recognize that the situation in Ferguson speaks to the broader challenges that we face across the nation," Obama said. Obama noted the grand jury decision was a result "That either way was going to be subject of intense disagreement, not only in Ferguson, but across America." Obama noted some people might agree with the verdict while others would be "Disappointed, even angry." He encouraged anyone upset by the decision to express themselves without violence. "I'm asking anyone who protests to do so peacefully," Obama said. In his speech, Obama read a statement from Brown's father that was issued before the verdict. Obama argued Brown's family "Lost more than anyone." In addition to urging the protesters to remain peaceful, Obama called on law enforcement to show "Care and restraint" in "Managing peaceful protests that might occur."

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