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Author Name: Henry Blodget
BBC Television Tax
This morning, Simon Jack and the team at the BBC's "Today" program were kind enough to host me for an interview at the BBC's stupendous headquarters in downtown London. Henry Blodget, Business InsiderSimon Jack, and the BBC morning hosts. Business InsiderThe BBC headquarters this morning in the rain. The BBC would be the envy of any media organization. The BBC is established and government by the British government, and the vast majority of the its budget comes from a tax on British television users. Everyone who watches TV in Britain, even those who pull signals out of the air, has to pay a tax of 145 pounds a year to fund the BBC. Avoiding this tax is a criminal offense. Not surprisingly, because of this source of funding, the BBC's very existence is controversial. In the United States, where many citizens reflexively hate the government and taxes of all kinds, and where most media organizations are viewed by some conservatives as liberal propaganda networks, the existence of the BBC would be almost unfathomable.

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