posted at 07:50
Author: Yohana Desta
Being powerful literally changes your voice, says science
A recent study from the Columbia School of Business found that when people were put in positions of power, their voices automatically rose in loudness variability and pitch, but lowered in pitch variability, becoming more monotone. The experiment started by measuring the voices of 161 students, who were all asked to read the same passage. Once in the scenario, the students in high power positions changed their voices in measurable ways. Ko tells Mashable that, initially, they asked subjects to describe the characteristics of a powerful voice. Preconceived notions, such as a deep voice, were quickly squashed. Some people have learned to consciously apply the tricks of powerful voices. Though he wasn't analyzed for the experiment, Ko also cites Winston Churchill as a speaker with a "Dynamic" voice, though she can't speak to his scientific vocal changes. "You can become that person with the dynamic, controlled voice."

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