posted at 19:50
Author: Brian Anthony Hernandez
Bill Cosby gets standing ovation amid mounting sex abuse allegations
The hecklers were absent inside the venue, even though a local radio station earlier in the day encouraged attendees to taunt Cosby about the escalating sexual assault allegations being made against him. Cosby charmed audience members - some of whom were surrounded by empty seats despite the venue claiming the show sold out - with relatable family-friendly humor peppered with just a few tinges of subtle yet awkward adult references. Melbourne resident Rob Tinsley, 58, whose brother turned down a ticket because of the sexual misconduct allegations, praised Cosby's humor and vivid expressions. Cosby, who gave a thumbs up during the crowd's first standing ovation at the beginning of the show, primarily stuck to childhood stories about 9th-grade athletics, his mom's pregnancy and sibling rivalries - all while wearing a sweater that said "HELLO FRIEND" on it. Cosby prefaced one story by saying he's a "Mature husband, father and grandfather" before offering to give advice to young guys in the audience. Leading up to Friday, some local residents had criticized the venue for not canceling Cosby's appearance amid the growing number of sexual assault allegations Cosby is facing from multiple women who are just now coming forward. Cosby didn't address the allegations Friday, even as TV networks have begun distancing themselves. Among the newer allegations is one from model and TV host Janice Dickinson, who during an interview on Entertainment Tonight said Cosby attacked her three decades ago.

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