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Author Name: Alice Ritchie
Britans Cameron urges migrant curbs, warns on EU exit
In a long-awaited speech on the issue, Cameron stopped short of calling for a cap on new arrivals or a mooted "Emergency brake", which had caused consternation in EU capitals. Cameron is under intense pressure to tackle rising immigration, which has become a major issue of voter concern ahead of the May 2015 general election. Cameron said the reforms were an "Absolute requirement" of his attempts to renegotiate Britain's membership of the bloc before holding an in-out referendum in 2017. Cameron says he wants Britain to stay in the European Union but has refused to say if he would campaign for an exit if he fails to achieve the reforms he wants. In a wide package of measures intended to make it less attractive to come to Britain, Cameron said EU migrants should have a job before arriving and could be deported if they do not find work after six months. Cameron had promised to cut net migration to Britain to under 100,000, but official statistics released on Thursday effectively killed that promise. Reports last month that Cameron was considering a cap on EU workers were condemned by the European Commission, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel was reported to have warned him not to challenge a fundamental EU principle. Cameron's bid to restrict benefits won a boost last month when the European Court of Justice ruled that states are not obliged to pay non-contributory social benefits to migrants who are not working and do not intend to.

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