posted at 16:50
Author: Kia Kokalitcheva
Thu, 27 Nov 2014 00:34:53 +0000
Bundle grabs $300K for app that finally organizes the gazillion pictures on your phone
Our society really has a photo problem: We take an insane amount but can't be bothered to go back and organize them. We've already seen Dropbox's Carousel, Lumific, Vemory, and others attempt to help us with this, and today another startup, Bundle, is taking a stab. Bundle, which pulls photos from your iOS device and Dropbox account, picks out what it thinks are your best photos, then packages them up into cohesive albums. It also makes those albums social by connecting you to friends and their photo albums. Much like Lumific, Bundle uses its computer vision algorithms to select the best photos, even picking the best of the bunch from those annoying series of similar shots we all take. It looks at photo concept, smile detection, sharpness, and facial expression, and the company says that "The more you use it, the smarter" its algorithms get at creating these albums. It doesn't seem to automatically edit the photos the way Lumific does. On the social side, Bundle lets you invite others to contribute photos to your album and tells you which of their photos would likely go well with a particular event album.

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