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Author Name: Richard Ingham in Paris, Marie Sanz in Lima
Climate talks to seek way to historic Paris pact
The 12-day talks under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change take place amid grim scientific warnings but also revived political interest in sealing a pact in Paris in December 2015. "Never before have the risks of climate change been so obvious and the impacts so visible. Never before have we seen such a desire at all levels of society to take climate action," UNFCCC chief Christiana Figueres said. Since September, top-level interest has taken the climate issue out of the back room where it was consigned after a near-fiasco at a summit in Copenhagen in 2009. Measures fall woefully short of keeping warming to within two degrees Celsius over pre-industrial times, according to the Climate Action Tracker, an unofficial monitor. Hand in hand with the emissions question is that of finance for poor countries, which will be hit worst by climate change but are least to blame for causing it. Nearly $10 billion has been promised in startup capital for the Green Climate Fund, the main vehicle for channeling the money. "We need clear commitments of climate finance, focused on what developing countries actually need," said Winnie Byanyima, executive director of the poverty campaign group Oxfam. "Vague promises won't help people to adapt to the harmful effects of climate change or help countries to purse cleaner paths to growth and development."

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