posted at 21:50
Author: Sandra Gonzalez
Dancing With the Stars crowned the only winner that made sense
Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson were crowned DWTS champs, beating out Janel and Val and Sadie and Mark. The announcement came after the three pairs performed mashup dances. Sadie and Mark did a samba/quickstep and Janel and Val and Janel performed a Bruno-approved "Nuclear" Paso Doble/Foxtrot combo. Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson chose the cha-cha and Argentine Tango as the two ingredients for their dance, and it was fantastic - though, probably not their strongest dance of the season. When something's perfect, it's perfect, right? Why split hairs? If there was a shocking moment, it came when the audience learned that Pretty Little Liar Janel came in third. Considering how Janel and Val have oozed chemistry this season, that seemed wrong but, I suppose, ultimately irrelevant. Did the right couple win 'Dancing With the Stars'?

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