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Author: Carrie Farler
Dancing With the Stars finals part 1: Will Alfonso win it all?
With just four points separating the remaining teams, this week saw two dances from each of the four finalists - one judges' pick and one freestyle dance, with solid results for all. An unfortunate set design snag got the dance off to a shaky start, with a part of the background not moving in time for Derek to take his partner's hand to start the dance. Len picked the crowd-pleasing Duck Dynasty-themed samba set to Pharell Williams' "Hunter." I honestly thought it was better the first time around, but it was still a very good dance. Going into the dance, I was a little concerned for the pair because the package showed that Janel had to miss three days of practice to film Pretty Little Liars and that she had sustained a rib injury during rehearsals the day of the live show. She clearly overcame her troubles in dance one, and seriously Bethany, where did you get that core strength? Even my BF, who has deemed my Dancing obsession silly, stopped to watch and said 'Wow' aloud. Janel & ValSo tensions seemed pretty high in rehearsals leading up to the final dance of the night for Janel and Val - both sexual and not. I must highlight that there were at least two, maybe three, full-mouth kisses in the routine AND Val dead-lifted Janel - like from the ground all the way up over his head. The action-packed dance led Bruno to call it the visualization of a love poem and got them the third perfect score of the freestyle dances. Alfonso & WitneyAlfonso and Witney wrapped up the night with a technically perfect and incredibly entertaining dance full of variety that really showcased all of his strengths.

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