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Author Name: Pamela Engel
Darren Wilson Grand Jury Testimony
Wilson told the grand jury that he initially stopped Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson for walking in the street. "I go to open the door and I say, hey, come here for a minute to Brown," Wilson said in his testimony. Wilson said Brown grabbed the door again and he saw Brown coming into the cruiser. Brown reportedly then dug Wilson's gun into Wilson's hip. Wilson continues telling Brown to get on the ground, and Brown keeps coming at him, Wilson said. Johnson has said that Wilson grabbed Brown by his neck as Brown tried to pull away. Another witness, Tiffany Mitchell, has also said that it looked like Brown was pulling away from Wilson and Wilson was trying to pull him back. Mitchell's colleague, who was waiting in her apartment for Mitchell to pick her up for work, has also said that it looked like Wilson was trying to pull Brown into his car.

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