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Author: Pete Pachal
Doctor Who Dark Water recap: Death takes a holiday... for action
Clara, who's been adventuring with the Doctor without telling her boyfriend, Danny, appears to finally want to come clean. So Clara throws the keys, and the Doctor throws them back into reality the volcano was an illusion, a test to see what Clara would do. Wait, save Danny? Isn't he dead? And didn't you just say, Doctor, that you can't undo what's done? Um, yes, and here's where the show appears to begin its journey into the metaphysical. The Doctor suggests it may be time for him to finally explore the possibility of an afterlife, and he encourages Clara to help them get there by connecting to the TARDIS' telepathic circuits and, well, thinking about Danny really hard. The tanks appear to be a way to both preserve and observe the dead. As the Doctor and Clara look for answers, they encounter a woman who claims to be a service android - but who the viewers recognize as Missy, the mystery lady who's been stalking the Doctor all season, often showing up at the end of an episode to take the recently deceased villain to the "Promised land." Chang gives the Doctor and Clara a similar pitch to Danny's - that the person who founded the mausoleum discovered that spirits in the afterlife are connected to their previous bodies, and the facility was created to ensure those bodies are kept comfortable. She reveals to the Doctor she's one of his own race, a Time Lady, one that the Doctor left for dead. She's been helping the Cybermen build their numbers by capturing the minds of the dead inside a piece of Time Lord technology while the Cybermen upgrade the bodies. They're marquee Doctor Who villains for a reason - when they're done right, the results are incredible, as in the David Tennant episode "Doomsday." The Cybermen really haven't had a great episode since 2008's "The Next Doctor".

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